Introduction to Pole Fitness Class

This class is mandatory - Start Here!
This class is mandatory for all first time pole fitness participants.  You will learn the basic techniques of pole grips, pole spins, learn strength training on a pole and a short routine will be taught. You need skin to stick to the pole so wear the appropriate clothes: short shorts, tee, tank or sports bra. No dance experience is needed! All fitness and experience levels are welcome, and the instructor will adapt their instruction based on each student's skill level. After attending your first class, you are eligible to participate in any of our Pole Foundation classes. Check them out here!
Call to inquire when our current Intro to Pole Fitness classes are being taught. We always have 1 to 2 intro classes a week. These classes are just for first time students and will help teach the very basics of pole fitness. However, if neither of those times work, you may attend any of our Foundation level classes. For any questions, please contact us by phone. Also, we believe that you need more than 1 class to really get a feel for pole fitness. So for a true introduction to pole fitness, we encourage you to consider purchasing our New Student Package, which covers your first intro class and 3 additional classes to really get a feel for what pole fitness is and if it's for you.



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