We offer many different types of pole classes and three main levels of pole fitness. 

Intro to Pole Class

This is mandatory for new students that have never taken a pole class from Tucson Pole Fitness before. This class focuses on basic flow and choreography, including pole spins, floor work, and transitions. No prior pole dance experience is necessary. 

Class length: 55 minutes


Level 1: Foundation Pole

If you are new to pole fitness and have taken Intro To Pole, then this class level is for you. In foundations you will learn the fundamentals of pole fitness including technique, strength training, simple combinations, and safety.  Features of this class include a yoga warm-up that focuses on improving flexibility, some conditioning to warm up those cold muscles, a whole bunch of spins around the pole, transitions, and a little floor work. You may even learn a beginners level dance routine that incorporates pole moves, spins, and floor work. 
Class length: 55 minutes
Approved Classes to attend: Foundations, Beginning Pole Foundations, Flexibility Workshop
Question: How soon will I move from beginner level to intermediate level classes?
Answer: On average our students are at the foundation level for 2-3 months. Moving up to the intermediate level will depend on your time and energy commitment! Work hard and we promise you will see results! 


Level 2: Intermediate Pole

This level is for students that have been graduated from the foundation level classes.  Now you get to learn some cool poses from climbs, and begin to learn the building blocks for safe inversions (going upside down).  Once you become comfortable with inverting, you learn the basics of inner thigh holds, leg hangs, and amazing inverted poses. Also taught are more challenging spin moves, climb variations, and dismounts from the pole. 
Class length: 55 minutes
Approved Classes to attend: Combos/Dance, Intermediate Mix, Strength and Spins, Sexy Stiletto Class, Handstands Workshop, Spins and Momentum, Pole Combos, Flexibility Workshop, 9am Morning Mix, and Boot Camp.


Level 3: Advanced Pole

At this class level you will learn the most advanced Ariel tricks, complex combinations, tricky climbs and spins.  You must have prior approval from an instructor before you can attend advance level classes. 
Class length: 55 minutes
Advance Level Classes include: Advance Workshop, Climb Sit Spin, Boot Camp, Cardio Boot, Sexy Stiletto, Spins and Momentum, Inversion Workshop, Handstand Workshop, Flexibility Workshop, and Pole Dance.


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